Not just a booking system, Aionic packs a punch with a set of features and capabilities designed to simplify your work life and save you time.

First-Class User Experience

Happy Customer, Happy You.

We design with the customer in mind so that they can make and manage their bookings with ease.

Mobile Responsive

Anywhere, any device.
You and your customers can use Aionic on the go, on any device, at any time.

Guest Checkout

Not another password.
Simple guest checkout ensures customers can make and manage their bookings without an account.

Booking Management

No more phone tag!
Even when we’re off the clock, Aionic is available. Customers can make or change their booking whenever suits them, 24/7. No more late night text messages.

Customer Portal

At their fingertips.
Your customers can manage everything from their account. From bookings to memberships, your customers can do it all.

Email & SMS Notifications

Say goodbye to no-shows.
Automated reminders will reduce the number of customers forgetting about their booking! They can also easily change or cancel their booking online, making a spot available for someone else.

Group Bookings

Bring a plus one.
Configure your services to allow bookings for multiple guests. Aionic will even send their waivers ahead of time.

Business & Booking Essentials

We won’t charge you for premium features.

Utilise Aionic’s features to build your seamless booking experience.


Waive goodbye to manual process.
You can customise and manage customer waivers, eliminating the need for you to keep track manually.

Multiple Locations

Expanding? We got you.
Aionic can cater for multiple locations, easy to set up and able to change services, pricing and availability for each location.

Coupon Codes

Discount? Yes please.
Generate coupons to reward customer loyalty, promote your business or fill empty time slots.

Cancellations & Refunds

Get your time back.
You can set your cancellation terms, and the system will be the enforcer. Aionic will handle the transaction processing, giving you more time to fill the spot.

Repeat Bookings

Keep them coming back.
Customers can set up repeat bookings (and payments) for their favourite sessions.


Your data, your story, our reports.
Our reporting will provide you information on your customers, bookings and payments to help you manage your business.

Optimise Your Inventory & Maximise Your Revenue

Your business, your way.

You are in control of how you set up and use Aionic’s smarts to manage your business.

Intelligent Availability

Maxed out bookings, minimised to-do lists.
The Aionic availability engine does the work for you. You can set your services, schedule, and pricing, then it’s on autopilot, removing the overhead of managing your bookings and maximising the time you can spend with your customers.

Dynamic Pricing

Real time proactive pricing.
Leverage advanced machine learning driven intelligent pricing that positively influences customer demand. This boosts income fairly, offering customers a balance of time and cost.


Your services, simplified.
You have the flexibility to set up your services as you need to, making it flexible to meet the needs of you and your customers. From one-on-one sessions to group bookings that can be booked casually, you can easily change and adapt what services you offer as you need to, in real-time.

Dynamic Sequencing

Maximise time, maximise gains.
Arrange multiple services together in a time-based sequence. Rather than booking the services for the entire time, Aionic will do the hard yards to only book the resources for the time they are needed, working out what is available in real-time to make it happen.

Resource Management

Out of order?
Ever had resources out of action or need to make them unavailable? You can easily manage your resources and inventory linked to your services quickly and easily.

Buffer Time

Need a short break?
You can add time in between services for breaks or to give you time to reset.

Flexible Pricing Strategies

Name your price.
You can adjust your prices at any time, and in the blink of an eye they will update on your booking site.

Admin Tools & Features

We put the min(imum) in admin.

Manage your business in our user-friendly and intuitive administration portal.


You’re in control.
Our easy-to-use dashboard makes admin for your business a dream. Most of the configuration you can set and forget, unless you want to adjust the way you run your business, which you can do easily at any time.

Permissions & User Access

Teamwork makes the dream work.
Provide access to your team members, using our user management and permissions to control what they can and can’t do.

Calendar Management

Change your view, change your outlook.
Customise the way you view and use your booking calendar, use the filter to see what you want.

Customer Profile

Know your customer.
Deep dive into your customer’s information and booking history, manage their bookings and view their payment and waiver status.


On autopilot.
Generate and send invoices automatically to your customers. If they misplace it, you can resend it from the customer profile.

Calendar Notes

Out of Office?
Need to add a note or block off some time in your calendar? Easily add a note, with the option to make the location unavailable.

Marketing Tools

The beauty.

Our digital capabilities can help your customers experience a consistent look and feel from start to finish.

Hosted Booking Page

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.
An intuitive customer experience that is easy to use and easy on the eye.

Marketplace Listing

Your new front door.
No landing page? We can help. Highlight your services on our Body, Mind Spirit marketplace, integrated with your online booking experience to increase your conversions.

Custom Branding

Set the tone.
Customise your booking experience to look and feel like it’s an extension of your brand.

Machine Learning

The brains.

Aionic is powered by smart technology, machine learning and a team of tech experts.

Demand Forecasting

Advanced demand forecasting solutions.
Harness cutting-edge machine learning for predictive demand analysis, optimising pricing strategies.

Customer Lifetime Value

Enhanced customer lifetime value insights.
Utilise sophisticated machine learning to analyse and maximise customer lifetime value, ensuring a strategic balance between long-term revenue growth and customer satisfaction.

Coming Soon

Customer Status

Personalised customer status identification.
Employ advanced machine learning to accurately determine customer activity status, enabling targeted and personalised marketing strategies, fostering active, long-term relationships.

Coming Soon

Customer Segmentation

Dynamic customer segmentation.
Harness machine learning for precise customer grouping, enabling sharply focused marketing. This approach intensifies engagement and cultivates loyalty.

Coming Soon

Recommendation Engine

Intelligent personalised bundles.
Incorporate ML to power a recommendation engine that crafts personalised bundle offers to enhance customer experience, driving engagement and sales through highly relevant, curated product selections.

Coming Soon

Distressed Inventory Detection

Advanced distressed inventory management.
Leverage ML to efficiently detect distressed inventory, enabling timely interventions to minimise expiring services, ensuring maximum utilisation of resources for enhanced business sustainability.

Coming Soon

Business Intelligence

GenAI – powered data interaction.
Revolutionise your interaction with critical business data. This innovation streamlines data analysis, making complex information easily accessible and actionable for strategic decision-making.

Coming Soon

Streamline Payments

Money in the bank!

Everything you need to manage your customer’s payments and your prices.

Stripe Payment Gateway

Your gateway to accept payments.
Stripe is our chosen payment provider for point of sale that strikes a perfect balance between affordability and dependability.

Online Payments

Stress less with hassle-free payments.
Your customers will make payment at time of booking, removing the headache and awkwardness of managing and tracking payments.

Security & Privacy

Keeping you safe.

All your security and privacy taken care of to make sure you and your customers are safe.


We’re not for sale.
Unlike other companies, we don’t sell data to third parties. You own your own data.

GDPR Compliance

Protection on, worries off.
We are GDPR compliant, the gold standard of data and privacy protection. You can trust that you and your customers are safe with us.

Two-Factor Authentication

1 step, 2 step.
We protect your information from unauthorised access. Set up your two-factor authentication so that we know it’s really you!


Your online bodyguard.
We safeguard your data by encrypting the connection between a user’s web browser and your booking site, SSL ensures that any information, such as login credentials, payment details, or personal data, remains private and protected from prying eyes.

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