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An online booking system that helps you build customer loyalty, makes your quieter times busier, and your busier times more profitable.

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Streamline your bookings, elevate your customer experience, effortlessly handle payments, and seamlessly set your schedule.

Online Booking

Make every experience count.
Your customers, old or new, will enjoy a seamless booking experience from start to finish.

Book Online 24×7

Accept Payments Online via Stripe

Automated Email & SMS Reminders


Manage your business.
Whether it’s just you, or a team of twenty two the admin dashboard gives you the power to manage your bookings.

Booking & Calendar Management

Permissions & User Access


Powered by intelligent tech.
Aionic’s use of machine learning and data models will do the hard work for you to get your time slots filled.

Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic Scheduling

Resource Management

Customised Online Presence

Your brand, our digital canvas.
Customise your online booking experience, so it’s uniquely yours.

Marketplace Listing

Custom Branding

Hosted Booking Site

Advanced Features Included

No hidden surprises.
There are no ‘extras’, all our features are part of our plan and can be used to streamline your booking process.


Repeat Bookings


The Aionic Difference

Intelligent Availability

Unlike most booking platforms, which require you to set inflexible, arbitrary booking times and capacity limits, Aionic’s Intelligent Availability engine handles this for you. All you need to do is define the resources your venue has available, and connect them to the relevant services.

Aionic will then find service availability on the fly, presenting time slots to customers based on real time resource capacity. The availability engine is detailed down to the minute, and ensures that your business’s success isn’t constrained by booking platform limitations.


For your customers

More choices and chances to book what I want, when I want.

For your staff

Less time playing phone tag so that I can spend more time delivering services to customers.

For your business

Optimised schedule that can increase the number of services available for customers to book = more revenue.

Dynamic Pricing

Aionic’s Dynamic Pricing leverages advanced machine learning algorithms, previously only available to large enterprises such as airlines. When you switch Dynamic Pricing on in your Aionic dashboard, you’re able to set the standard price, maximum price and minimum price on a service level. Aionic will then fluctuate the price based on a variety of factors, including the likelihood of a time slot being booked.

This feature has been built with transparency at the heart, and is not surge pricing designed to gouge customers. When Dynamic Pricing is enabled, customers are able to see the price fluctuations, and can select a time and price that suits them. Offering customers a balance of time and cost, whilst boosting your revenue.


For your customers

Opportunity to try new experiences at lower prices.

For your staff

More time slots are filled, less idle time and reduces the need for ad hoc marketing work.

For your business

Maximises my revenue; and grows my customer base. Making the quieter times busier, and the busier times more profitable.

Superior Customer Experience


For your customers

I can book services based on either my price or time preferences from any device.

For your staff

Increase in happy customers, less phone calls or in person complaints, contributes to a more positive work environment.

For your business

Strengthens customer loyalty, fosters word-of-mouth recommendations, and improves booking conversion rates.

Are You Ready To…

Increase sales

Grow your customer base

Optimise your schedule

Maximise your inventory

Improve customer retention

Save time on administration

Our Ethos

Win, win, win.

Delivering outcomes that are a win for our subscribers, their customers and our business.


Where building trust and engendering loyalty starts.


No compromises.

No Hidden Costs

Simple. Transparent. All-inclusive.

2.5% + $0.60 payment processing fee.

No long term contracts, monthly subscription fees or upfront costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a free trial?

There are no upfront or recurring costs with Aionic, so you can sign up and set up your account with no lock-in contracts. When you’re ready to start taking bookings, you can connect your Stripe account and get started.

Will I need to enter into a long contract?

No. You can cancel at any time, but we’d appreciate 30 days notice.

What kind of support is available?

You can access articles which include step by step instructions, videos and information that will help you at any time. However, if you do need assistance our Customer Success Team is available to answer any questions via email and phone.

I already use a booking system, can I upload my data to Aionic?

Yes, you can upload booking information and customer details during the onboarding process. Alternatively, if your business is large or complex, we can offer additional services, as required.

Do I need to have a website?

No, in fact we will set up a landing page on our Body Mind Spirit marketplace for free, which integrates with your booking experience. However, if you have an existing website we can work with that too!

Can I use any payment processor?

No, we are partnered with Stripe for all payment processing. You will be prompted to create/connect an account during the onboarding process.